Case Government

Find out what makes Cardsolution a trusted government solutions provider and how you can produce identity documents that

Case Corporation

Quality PolicyWe’re committed to developing and executing effective business strategies that generate products and

Case Education

Empowering Card Program AdministratorsWith Flexible Student ID Card Printer Technologies​ Card administrators need to a

Case Healthcare

Our Commitment to Quality "Cardsolution" is continuously committed to quality in every aspect of serving our customers.

Case Telecommunications

Long Distance Prepaid Calling Cards: Profitable prepaid calling card programs depend on fast production and personalizat

Case Transit

Transit   Identification is an important factor in running a secure and efficient operation in the transportation

Case Markets

Quality Objectives Develop and deliver products and solutions that meet customer expectations in an efficient and cost-

Case Membership

If you’re looking for membership cards for your club or association, then look no further. We have been producing

Case Financial

Quality VisionTo be the most successful, innovative and trusted solutions provider, enabling secure financial transactio


Public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates are a prerequisite for securing high-value transactions, authen

Case-Access control

Access control is the first and most powerful component of facility safety and security, and "Cardsolution" Group offers

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More information is provided in the Georgian version of the local website

More information is provided in the Georgian version of the local website