"Cardsolution" LTD it was established in 1999 as a high tech company

"Cardsolution" distributes the world’s most advanced quality technology in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey. Our company is one of the first companies, that has commenced to work on ID card in Georgia and access control, Drivers License, Car registration license, weapons License, Employee ID cards.

We import products and technology from the world’s most leading companies. Our main purpose is to help Governmental, Banks and private organizations to create secure, cost-effective identity management solutions.

With the help of our foreign partners "Cardsolution" has participated in many successful Governmental and banking programs. The company provides solutions in following fields:


Loyalty and Memberships

All most successful companies and governmental organizations cooperates with "Cardsolution". Private and Governmental organizations rely on our ability to issue and manage highly secure identity documents.


Cardsolution secures a rapidly changing world by enabling trusted identities, payments, and data protection.


"Cardsolution" is a driving force in virtually every major card program around the Georgia. The company Offers a complete portfolio of solutions for smart card programs, card issuance operations and digital identity programs. our secure ID and card personalization solutions are used to issue millions of financial cards and identification documents, driving licenses, registration cards, national ID cards and etc.

Cardsolution offers an unmatched breadth of digital security and credential issuance solutions at the very heart of all these interactions.

From their strong leadership position in secure ID and card personalization, "Cardsolution" continues to make cards more powerful by capitalizing on smart cards, biometrics, laser engraving and other advanced technologies.


it’s no wonder the local most trusted organizations trust us!


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