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The "Cardsolution" Group Presents premium class desktop ID card printer solutions represent the ultimate identity platform.

Instantly issue compelling, high-quality payment cards and print secure ID cards that maximize cardholder satisfaction. Expect easy operation, proven performance and cost-effective results.


 ID card printers are like regular printers

For your computer, the only difference is the output dimensions. The plastic ID card (or CR80 format) dimensions are 3.375" x 2.125" (85.6 mm x 54 mm) and that's how your computer sees the output. It will print whatever you send to the printer in that format.


One of the best solutions we have to offer not only saves you materials but also saves you money and can offer a significant return on investment. Print management is essentially a solution that enables you to manage your organizations print costs by associating the cost of maintenance of your printer and the cost of your toners or ribbons and Cards against those doing the printing.

The typical commercial use of print management in a corporate environment is to register who prints what and offset the costs for printing with the associated department for the member of staff doing the printing.


The company has established itself as a market leader in the card technologies business and is a trusted, reliable and preferred supplier of high technology and innovative solutions related to plastic card services and equipment.

ID card printers

Introducing desktop ID card printer solutions, the ultimate platform for personalizing ID documents.
Instantly issue strong, high-quality cards and print secure IDs that maximize cardholder satisfaction. You will get easy operation, proven efficiency and effective results.


Why are our printers different from other printers?


1 High print speed

The high speed of our printers significantly exceeds the speed of other printers, while not losing its high quality.


2. High quality of printing

Our printer implements printing modes that allow to print complex logotypes (state symbols or emblems of educational institutions) on a plastic card with the highest quality. 300 × 1200 dots per inch, which allows high-quality printing of microtext and two-dimensional barcodes. The exclusive printing technology of the printer suppliers provides vivid colors that match the colors of the computer screen as much as possible.

A desktop card printer with a laminator can put a tactile image, which provides reliable protection against card delamination. And overlaying protective serial numbers further reduces the risk of counterfeiting.


3 endurance.

Our printers can work non-stop every day. Patented card handling technologies eliminate the possibility of jamming of standard or thin cards.


4 Printing technologies.

We have printers that focus on different requirements. Re-transfer printing-personalization, with rubber or ink-based materials, thermal printing-personalization directly on the card, we have 300, 600 or 1200 dots (per inch) printing personalization capabilities. Protection of print and personalized images for long-term use, card security using different security elements.


5 innovations

Some of our printer models have pre-built two-sided printing technology, you buy a low-cost single-sided printer and then enable two-sided printing with a simple software update. This innovative tool does not require the installation of additional physical modules.


What do you offer?

Our desktop card printers are designed on the basis of rich experience in the personalization of plastic cards and use the latest technological solutions. We have been supplying card issuing systems for 20 years and more than 100 different institutions use our desk technology. Many are involved in the state program as well.

During this time, we formulated the requirements that a desktop card printer should include: the ability to print a large number of cards, the duration of work, high security requirements, the use of advanced technologies. All these requirements were taken into account when designing the printers. Request more information.

With "Cardsolution" printers, you get not only a compact and convenient device, but also a full-fledged professional solution to achieve your goals.

It is possible to connect printers to a computer through standard ports via Internet or USB, and it is also easily connected to a corporate local network. WiFi connection is also used for some models. Network components are already built into the printer and do not require additional equipment. The printer can also be used separately. Along with the printer, software for integration of the most diverse card projects is also offered.


Desktop card printers incorporate the latest technical advances:

Automatic loading of cards.

Laminator with device to prevent cards from bending.

Device for placing tactile images and reading laminate barcodes.

Modules for personalization of smart cards and magnetic stripe records.

It is possible to upgrade already installed printers.

One-sided (Simplex) and two-sided (Duplex) printing on cards.

Multicolor and monochrome (only one color) printing.

The cleaning roller and consumables are easily replaced.

touch screen liquid crystal.

Intuitive symbols.


All printer models have the ability to connect to the network via Ethernet and USB.

Modern printer driver. Software support.


Additional features:

Our printers have the ability to add or install additional compatible modules, such as magnetic stripe, contactless and contact card encoding modules. 6 (six) compartment card transfer hopper application module capability.

Ideally used in the following areas:

1. Identification cards for employees and guests.

2. Student tickets and proof of employees of educational institutions

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